My name is Nick Deligaris. I work professionally as a freelance illustrator, 3D artist and graphic designer, with clients around the globe. I am passionate about my work and I constantly strive to deliver the best services possible. Every project I undertake is guaranteed to be of the highest quality standards in the industry and always delivered on time.

I have developed my own personal, recognizable art style, although I can adapt to a wide variety of styles when required. Furthermore, I am equally proficient in both 2D and 3D artwork, which gives me a large array of tools to work with and great flexibility. I can also work well under strict deadlines and pressure, and I have good communication skills with partners and clients, which is important for a smooth relationship and a creative collaboration.

I can handle everything, as far as it’s a still image or a 3D model. That includes digital painting of characters or environments – either highly polished or concept art -, low-poly models for video games or hi-poly models for film and pre-rendered animation or action figures, textures, GUI’s, environments, icons, logos, book / cd covers, website layouts, advertisements, storyboards, tattoo / T-shirt designs, etc.

The tools I’m mostly proficient with are Photoshop, 3ds max, Zbrush, along with a Wacom tablet. I also have experience with Illustrator, InDesign and AfterEffects.

I don’t have a fixed price list, the cost of a commission greatly depends on the amount, detail and complexity of elements, and it could range from $100 to $1000 or more, for example.

I mostly prefer fantasy or sci-fi related themes. I’ve always been a big fan of video games, comics, p&p RPG’s and action movies. Metal music and movie/game soundtracks is the main source of inspiration for me while I’m drawing. Of course, other artists’ work inspire me as well, but they’re too many to list them.

No, I wouldn’t, for a number of reasons. Mostly because my schedule is always full, so I would need to reject a project inorder to take another one. Also, everything that demands devotion of time, skill and effort, automatically gains some value; so the purpose of the project is irrelevant. Finally, that would be unfair for the rest of the clients who pay.

I have studied graphic design for 4 years in Athens, Greece, (2001-2004) and during that time I won two scholarship awards for best performance. Although I am mostly considered an illustrator and 3d artist, studying graphic design was vital in order to comprehend the difference and the connection between fine art and applied art, and train myself to keep a fine balance between the two. I was taught image composition, color theory, semantics and visual communication, history of art; also heavy practice in academic / technical sketch and photography among others, have helped immensely to become a self-disciplined and highly focused professional. That has naturally helped me to improve my own art and explore the philosophy behind art in general.

However, my first contact with tools of the trade like Photoshop 3 and 3ds max 2 happened while I was still in high school, back in 1998. As soon as I finished school I got my first Wacom tablet, and shortly after that I started working as a freelance, while studying graphic design. For the sake of practice, I also worked on some free projects, like the infamous fan game ‘King’s Quest IX’, aka ‘The Silver Lining’.

Soon after that, I started taking various commissions from around the world, mostly related to video game art and CGI for documentaries, but also include various publications, book covers, T-shirt designs, posters, and others. Currently, I have almost 10 years of professional experience.

In 2010, I got an Emmy award nomination for my work in the History Channel special ‘Death Masks’, (in partnership with ‘YAFKA’ Studio) in the category: OUTSTANDING INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT IN A CRAFT: GRAPHIC DESIGN AND ART DIRECTION.